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Bamboo Investment

"The global market for Bamboo is expected to reach $20 billion by 2015."- Ministry of Agriculture, India.

Asia Plantation Capital is offering clients the opportunity to invest in the planet’s fastest growing land plant, bamboo.

As an investment, bamboo is not only a socially responsible investment but has the advantage of delivering annual returns as early as the second year of planting if its bamboo shoots are harvested for food. Due to the fast growing characteristics of bamboo it can be commercially harvested for timber, pulp and biomass from year four. Investors will then benefit from commercial harvests from the poles (culms) and shoots annually until year 15 at which point the investment term concludes.

In parts of Thailand, growers use the term "Golden Bamboo" when talking about its value as a commodity. Bamboo lends itself to many uses including supplying domestic and international food demand, and global timber markets. The plant has a greater tensile strength than steel and is widely used across Asia in the construction industry. Scaffolding and structural support is a major application whilst over a billion people already live in houses made of bamboo. Bamboo also produces the highest quality and hardest wearing timber flooring now used worldwide by major retailers, such as B&Q in the UK. As well as being used in textiles, clothing production, cosmetics and medicines, bamboo is also valued as a food source and is a staple ingredient in Asian diets and cuisine. The shoots can contain up to 18 amino acids, is low in carbohydrates, crude fat and crude fibre.

This particular investment is classed as a short-term income producing returns from year 2 until year 15 as opposed to a long-term capital appreciating investment. The minimum investment level is £3995. If you require further detailed information, including costs and a forecast, please feel free to register your contact details on our ‘Contact us’ page or our quick contact form to the right.

  • Demand: The Ministry of Agriculture in India predicts that the global market for bamboo will reach $20 billion by 2015. The useable features of bamboo are in demand throughout the world. Over 1 billion people live in houses made of bamboo. In India alone 2.2 million tonnes of bamboo is used for paper annually. The demand also extends into the renewable energy sector, where bamboo is used as a replacement for traditional energy sources such as oil and gas.
  • Supply: Asia is by far the largest producer of bamboo products whilst China is the biggest exporter. At present the market share of bamboo products is marginal compared to wood products, nevertheless it is annually increasing. Most Bamboo harvested for commercial use is from naturally growing stands, however in recent years, more attention has been given to plantation bamboo.
  • Investment Solution: Asia Plantation Capital offers clients the opportunity to invest in the growing market of bamboo. Clients can take advantage of a yearly income producing product that has both local and global demand. We believe that operationally, we are well-placed to take advantage of this versatile product and that our clients will benefit from the product’s investment potential.

Next Steps

  • Before any purchase is made you are required to register your interest either by phone or email, details can be found in the Contact Us section of the website.
  • The investment will be explained in full and will include price points, marketing material, forecasts and analysis.
  • Our investment consultants are fully trained and pride themselves on their knowledge and experience within the sector. Each has visited our plantations in order to appreciate the operations in practice.
  • Once you are comfortable with the product, the company and the consultant, and are happy to proceed with the investment, you will be required to fill in an application form and the purchase cycle will begin.

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